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To putmy whole story on a page like this I wouldnt have enough space, there are just too many things about my life to just put up on a webpage. These are just thigns about my identity of a Transgender Female to Male(or FTM) Transgender, Transexual.To make a long story short. I came out as a Lesbian in 2002, my sophmore year of highschool. This of course didnt last long. Somehow the word "Lesbian" just didnt feel right. It wasnt until I had heard the word transgender that I even came close to figureing out what I was and how I fit into the world. At this point the only people I had ever heard refer to themselves as "Transgender" were Rupaul and people on the Jerry Springer Show. Clearly this isnt nearly how I identified. I honestly only thought people born men, could be transexuals.However with a little more research, and meeting people I finally came out as Transgender that summer at a program called Upward Boundwhere I attended as a student. Since then, I've found more identities, such as polyamourous and bottom. Ive been out as Trans since then and have found a sense of comfortability that was never there before. I have also opted taking hormones (hormone treatment therapy) and having chest reconstruction therapy which I will have March 28th of 2007. If there are any questions you may have reguarding my websight, or my transition or anything please feel free to email me

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My websight is not created for intensive purposes of "recruiting gays", or turning your young ones into transexuals but to simply share my experience in the world as an FTM. If you think that is the case you can simply click the little "x" at the top right hand corner of your browser screen. Thankyou.