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Charley's Page

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These are the people that keep me going ... these are my friends and my chosen family

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Whitney (Pietry) - Whitney is one of my best friends, she always lets me complain to her when I'm having a rough time. Nathaniel - Nathaniel is my English buddy across seas! He's just an awesome guy. Nathaniel likes to tease me all the time!
Bailey Michael Michelle
Bailey- Bailey is my right hand boygirl wonder, we understand each other so well and I think our friendship will surpass everything. I miss Bailey since I've moved! Michael - a good friend indeed! He has helped me a lot since I moved to Boston and I'm forever grateful for him! And even though Ive moved back to Maine hes still a close friend. (And he's adorable.) Michelle- I met Michelle during my time in Boston. She's a very cool person with one of the most interesting personalities Ive ever come across. None the less she is a good listener and an all around great person.
Noah Ron james
Noah-noah is one cool guy. He never fails on giving me a smile. Hes gonna make some girl very happy some day. Ron- Ron has been one of the best friends ive ever had! Hes been like a big brother to me and has been there for me through it all. I love him with all my heart and hope our friendship will go on for many more years to come. James- James is a cool guy to talk to. If ever I need him for something hes there for me. I dont get many opportunities thses days to talk with him but I know I will in the future.