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Charley's Page

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11/7/04- Started the website ... did a little work on all of the pages

7/18/05- Edited Trans stuff and some pictures

1/11/06- lots of updates ive made.. Ive completly converted my page to html.. with the help of Michael.(see friends section) I have different sections now for child pictures and pictures of me from just before testosterone until now.. My journal is updated as often as I can sit down and think about my whole transition for atleast five minuets.. and just a whole new outlook.. there are also as of today.. new voice clip.. and some stuff in the random section.

1/13/06- made a journal entry

4/22/06I have updated the friends page,, with still more to go. And I updated the journal.

10/09/06 I just did a HUGE update.. I elaborated on some things.. and I updated pictures in both the charley section and the body images sections. I also made a journal entry for the years update. I now have a working guestbook as well!

9/18/07 Updated: body image, transgender pictures and trans journal.