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Charley's Page

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On my bike dress.jpg princess.jpg
I was maybe three and a half here. My mom took this photo.

As if they couldn't tell. I'm winking like the stud I am. Just because I have the stud picture, it doesnt disprove that I was a fairy.
Before I was a dyke Me as a dyke Rapping

I thought the 60's were back ... I think this was even before I was a dyke. (The whole thirty seconds ...) This was my sister's 18th birthday, so I was aboout 16 years old. I was lesbian identified here ... as you can tell by the do-it-yourself haircut. See if you can guess which one was me! This was my first summer at Upward Bound going into my JR year of highschool so I had just turned 17 I was also JUST coming out as Trans.
Oh, Maine ... outright.jpg
I live in Maine and of course I had to do the four-wheel thing. This photo was taken just after I came out as Trans. So yeah ... two and a half years ago.