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Charley's Page

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These are all pictures of me after coming out as Trans and then pictures of me as my transition progresses. This is really for me to kinda keep track of how my body is changing.

So these first few pictures are all of me pre-T, within a year or so of each other. I'm putting these here as basis of comparison and such. Here I think I already have a pretty masculine physique. But we'll see how it progresses as time marches on.

These are pics of me one month on testosterone:

One month on T One month on T

Two Months:

Two Months on TTwo Months on T 2

Roughly three Months:appologies for the lack of quality

three months on tthree months on t2

Nine Months (Sorry for the huge gap! I was without camera and such):

nine months on tnine months on t2

One Year:


13 Months:

13 months13 months2

26 Months:

oneyear215 mo15 mo15 mo